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Service User Agreement

This page consists of a resume about your Service User Agreement and this is the last page that requires your signature. You have already received the full file, it has been delivered by one of our senior staff, made available in paper form so you can read the full terms and conditions and keep the file at home. The aim of this page is for you to provide your e-signature, we wish to simplify our services and at the same time to save some trees.

Statement of Terms and Conditions relating to the Supply of Care Support Services. This agreement is made on the date of your signature below between us EverBright Homecare Ltd and you, the Service User. 

A) This Agreement sets out the terms under which we will provide home care services to you and seeks for your consent to receive care,
following your care plan/required care. You are advised to read all of the documentation before signing and, if you require, you may wish to obtain advocacy or the advice of a close relative, friend or legal adviser before signing.

B) This Agreement comprises the following documents:

1. Terms and Conditions
2. Notice of the Right to Cancel
3. Fee Schedule (may be amended from time to time in accordance with these Terms and Conditions)
4. Shopping calls and money handling terms

C) Your attention is drawn in particular to the following clauses:

5: Our fees
6: Your home as a workplace and what happens if you are not home
7: Cancellations and termination

Signing on behalf of the Company
M. Baptista, Registered Manager