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Information Collection

Privacy Notice

We may collect personal information as further described below through: 
(a) Personal Information provided by you,
(b) Automatically Collected Information,
(c) Billing Information,
(d) Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies,
(e) Third Party Analytics Data,
(f) Mobile App-Based Data and
(g) Cross-App and Cross-Device Information. We do not collect or use “sensitive information” and do not offer or sell to any third party any data based on sensitive consumer information. 

We collect personal information about you when you request to engage with our Services for a variety of uses based on different reasons. For example, some of the information we collect from you we need to enable us to deliver the Services to you, sometimes we are required by law and regulations to collect and process this information about you, at other times, we consider it is in our legitimate business interests to collect and process this information, taking into consideration your privacy rights.
For more information regarding this matter, please request our Data and privacy policy.