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Appraisal Form

With this appraisal you have the opportunity to let us know:

• How well you have performed and whether you have achieved all of your targets.

• Things that might have stopped you from achieving your targets.

• What you think went well.

• What you think your targets might be for the coming year.

• What kind of training and development you need to do.

The purpose of the Appraisal is that you:

• Receive constructive feedback;

• Know exactly what is expected from you and where you may need help achieving this.

• Have the opportunity to discuss and agree your work and related targets.

To make the most of your Appraisal you will need to prepared for it, be honest and be positive about it. Like most things in life, the more thought and preparation you put into it, the more successful the outcome will be. We spend a lot of time at work, so it is worth investing some time to think about how things are going and what can be changed to make things better.


• Individual training needs (Mandatory training – Safeguarding/  First Aid/ Basic Food Hygiene).  Any other training to help you meet your roles and responsibilities.

• Information identified through peer observations (strength and areas for development).

• Feed back at supervisions/ colleges/ service users/families/friends.

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