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ICare Network: Have a fulfilled life in your own home!

As the saying goes, home is where the heart is and here at ICare Network we agree and this is why we offer such high quality, personalised services to you and your loved ones through our professional team who are experts in all aspects of the care that is delivered to you in your own home.

It is so important that you are able to make your own decisions regarding the type of care that is important to you and how often you need this support. You may have been discharged home from hospital with a large care package and your needs can change over time once you have settled back into your home environment. Here at ICare Network, we work in close partnership with social care staff from Wirral Community NHS Trust and Wirral Borough Council as your care provider. As part of our enhanced service to you, we monitor the level of care being provided over the first six weeks of your care package and beyond in order to make sure that you are receiving exactly the kind of support you require. You may need more or less support and we will discuss this with you as part of our high-quality ongoing service. 

About Our Carers

Committed Caregivers at Your Service

At ICare Network, we are very proud of our team, they are always ready to walk that extra mile, going above and beyond to ensure all service users receive the great support that they need.

Skilled Nursing Staff

Compassionate Care is Our Promise

You may consider home care services if now you find yourself struggling with some tasks, no longer able to live life on your own terms.

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Dedicated to Serving You with Caring Support

ICare Network will promote your independency, support you throughout the day, and we can also assist with emergencies, ready to assist with any extra support so you can live life the way you want to.

ICare have been providing care for my dad four times per day since his discharge from hospital. I am so impressed with the level of care - the carers are kind, intelligent and thorough. The management is excellent and incredibly responsive.

J Boyd Daughter of client

We were at Mum's and when her carer arrived, Mum's face lit up. He was very natural and relaxed with her and made her a coffee and offered us one. Bought food for her and gave her her meds then asked her to accompany him so that he could check her stoma bag and asked her to pop and empty it. She went very obligingly and when she came back I noticed she’d applied her lipstick and perfume, only 89 years old! Very happy to see how at ease she was with the carers. Gives her something to look forward to twice a day and reassures us she won’t forget to eat or take her meds or empty her bag.

Shirley G Daughter of client

Being fairly new to the service and after having a really bad experience with another care provider, I had concerns about going elsewhere to provide care for my elderly father, who has dementia, but I am extremely happy that I have chosen this care provider. The rapport I have with everyone involved with my father's care is excellent; I am kept informed every step of the way, even to the point that if the manager isn't happy with a report, she will call me and discuss it. The agency as a whole has taken a huge weight off my shoulders, and I'm eternally grateful to them. Thank you.

Dawn H Daughter of Client
How We Work?

Your Path to Personalised Well-being

At ICare Network, we believe in delivering care that’s finely tuned to your individual needs. Our three-step approach begins with a thorough assessment, followed by the creation of a personalised care plan designed just for you. With our empowering support, we’re dedicated to enhancing your well-being and ensuring you maintain an independent, fulfilling life.

Personalised Assessment

We begin by thoroughly assessing your individual needs, preferences, and routines, ensuring a clear understanding of your requirements.

Tailored Care Plan

Based on the assessment, we create a personalised care plan that perfectly matches your unique needs, ensuring you receive the right support at all times.

Empowering Support

Through our collaborative approach and dedicated caregivers, we empower you to maintain an independent and fulfilling life, while receiving the necessary assistance.

Why choose ICare Network

We help you to live comfortably and independently in your own home!

We aim to assist all the way, from as little as 30 minutes to as many hours you require, our service is a 24/7 for domiciliary assistance, and continuity of care. 

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Your well-being, our priority